the appropriate talent and creates and adapts smart processes in 
order to generate cost savings, operational excellence and extended operating capacity.  


INTERBUSER offers small and medium enterprises in Latin America and Europe the possibility to compete safely and efficiently in the international market, by two groups of services: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Trade Advice and Marketing Planning.

The 40 years of experience in international trade operations in Latin America with the rest of the world, allows INTERBUSER the power to compete in the international business area of goods and services. It is for ths reason that services offered by the company are based on the needs of Small and Medium Exterprises (SMEs) that want to enter into more global market.  

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing of INTERBUSER: 

      - Focus on business development and concentrate investments in midfield from each company.
      - Improve the performance of operations. 
      - Access to human resources, technology and methodology of "first class" 
      - Privacy in the information generated in the processing of payroll.
      - Automatic adaptation to changing legal and formal requirements of the authorities.
      - Convert fixed cost structure variables.
      - Create a flexible organization with greater speed to change.
      - Improving effectiveness and efficiency of processes